I know how it feels to be in need of skin care services, and then struggling to pay for them. Growing up with sensitive, acne-prone skin, I remember regularly scheduled appointments with a dermatologist. I recall the anticipation I felt before each appointment, hoping that I would receive that magical gel or cream with the power to clear my skin. But time and time and again, I’d return, with little to show for except more disappointment than the time before.

Eventually I found myself at a high end day spa to try a service from a friend’s recommendation: chemical peels. These peels noticeably improved the look and feel of my skin, and I could barely contain my elation. But it quickly became evident that paying for this spa’s high priced services was something I couldn’t afford.

          This is where Lou Ann comes in. You may consider our meeting a run of good luck, but I call it divine intervention.Lou Ann Di Stefano is the owner of Never Hair Again, a privately owned skin care business located both in Aurora, Colorado and the San Luis Valley. Her list of services includes renewing European facials, deep cleansing facials and chemical peels (the latter of which I receive regularly). In addition to skin care, she offers a range of hair removal services like waxing and electrolysis, and even does permanent makeup.

Individualized attention is a highlight of service at Never Hair Again. Lou Ann’s commitment to excellent customer service (tailoring each treatment to the particular needs of each client), makes her a stand-out in the realm of professional skin-care businesses. Being self-owned and operated, Lou        Ann has eliminated the long wait times, rude receptionists and below-par services so many of us have experienced in pursuit of perfect skin. Her attention to detail ensures convenient scheduling, prompt service and a thorough follow up each time you walk through her doors. Her work space is always well-sanitized, and the perpetual scent of warm cinnamon and clove simmering nearby helps even the most stressed clients to unwind and relax.And here’s the kicker: you’re going to save money, and lots of it. Lou Ann provides a quality of service rivaled only by the most distinguished of spas and skin care providers. In fact, she’s physician recommended, having worked under a respected plastic surgeon before opening her own business. Lou Ann’s commitment to provide quality skin care services at affordable prices makes it possible for parsimonious penny pinching students like myself to access excellent skin care treatments for only a fraction of what I would pay at an exclusive, high end spa.

           If you’re someone who wants to try out a skin care service but are deterred by the high prices, have been discouraged by a poor experience with another provider, or are simply looking for a business that provides affordable, quality skincare services, you should consider Never Hair Again. This company is one which will take the time to evaluate your skin care needs and cater a personalized plan for improvement.

Lou Ann goes beyond a skin care provider to be a skin care partner. And she even serves as a part time guru, listening to my griping in times when my skin decides to have a break-out bash without my consent (no pun intended). You could consider Lou Ann somewhat of a mother; your skin-care mother that is.

By Ashley Rankin