Hyfrecation Treatments –

Remove dark spots on your face and sebaceous hyperplasia

Are you looking to remove dark spots on your face, such as age spots, skin tags, surface spider veins and/or red blood spots (hemangiomas)?

How Does Hyfrecation remove dark spots on the face 
Hyfrecation is a medical technique that involves the application of heat and electricity to remove facial skin blemishes. Hyfrecation is one of the most effective methods of removing dark spots on your face, as it essentially cauterizes your blemish or spot, causing it to fall-off.

Don’t other treatments remove dark spots on the face too?

There are many alternatives to Hyfrecation, unfortunately, most are nowhere near as effective. You will find a lot of other businesses offering alternative, as  most do not have the medial training required to use a Hyfrecator on patients. Unfortunately, most business who do, also charge a large dollar amount for this service, as it is considered a medical procedure.


Fortunately, I am able to provide Hyfrecation treatments to clients, as I am Board Certified, Licensed and Medically trained. I also am dedicated to keeping the cost down, to make Hyfrecation an easier decision for you.

Hyfrecation by Never Hair Again- not just Dark Spots on the Face
Although typically the most asked about, I offer Hyfrecation on more than just your face. I can use Hyfrecation on any skin blemishes you have – including your arms, legs, hands, face, feet etc.

If you are interested in pricing for Hyfrecation, or have any questions about removing dark spots on your face, please give me a call to schedule a preliminary (and complimentary) consultation.