Simple Skin Care Routine

Taking regular care of your skin is a very important element for continued results from facials, hyfrecation treatments, electrolysis, and other skin-care procedures.

But don’t worry – You don’t need to go out and spend a hundred dollars on the latest line of cleansing products. I have developed a simple skin care routine that will give you the same results at a much lower price. This skin care routine is all about layering your skin first with active ingredients, then moisturizing and sealing with the final steps.


Lou Ann’s Simple Skin Care Routine:

Layering – Layering correctly allows your skin to get the ultimate benefits available.

Step 1: Skin Prepping – Consider spending about $3 on a nice big bottle of witch hazel. Witch Hazel is one of the best cleaners on the market and it’s cheap! Use a round, flat cotton pad (regular cotton balls absorb too much liquid), saturate the pad, and then saturate your skin. Keep repeating this process until the cotton pad comes up clean.

Step 2: Deep cleaning – You can re-use your flat cotton pad for this (to avoid wasting), and douse it with Tend Skin. You will find that after the witch hazel (or any other standard face cleaner), the Tend Skin will still get off more grime (using the Tend skin is like having your own mini-peel at home nightly).

Step 3: 12% Aqua-Glycolic Cleanser – The next step in the cleaning processing is to use a hydrating cleanser that has Glycolic acid as a main ingredient. I recommend using Merz’s. Apply the cream generously to your skin.

Step 4: Vitamin Enrichment – Your skin reacts really well to vitamins – both vitamins A (including glycolic acid) and Vitamins C (including caffeine). For this step, use one of my serums (Vitamin C in the morning, Vitamin A in the afternoon), and apply them directly to your facial skin.

Step 5: Anti-Oxidant Vitamin Moisturizer – Now that you have gotten your skin clean, it’s time to start adding moisture.

Step 6: Aqua Glycolic – I recommend using Merz’s 14% glycolic lotion, as a product that both adds hydration to your skin and actively removes additional pollution and grime.

Sealant – Using a heavier product to protect your skin, also your skin will appreciate the hydration

Step 7: Sealant- As your final step, I recommend using Burt’s Bees line of moisturizers- I specifically promote Burt’s Bees because they create their products using natural ingredients.

I hope you find this simple skin care routine an easy and affordable way to maintain great-looking skin.